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The Bingo Hall

A church finds itself in a financial struggle. Members are confronted about their lack of giving. Four old friends in their early 60s always meet up in the Bingo Hall on Thursday nights. They see it all and hear it all in the Bingo Hall. Sis. Alnetta Weathers, who is outspoken against gambling, joins her friends there one night. A card next to her that is not being used is the winning the card. The moderator assumes it's hers even though she tries to explain it's not. With her winnings, she has to decide whether to save her grandson of criminal debt, help her friend who is behind on bills, share with the friend who invited her to the Bingo Hall or give to the church during a perilous financial recession. The tables turn and friends show out when they have to sacrifice what they have to fulfill the Will of God. 12 Characters 2 Scenes. Comedy with a serious point

ID: 3076

Category: Church Folks